Our BoatsOur Skimmers (pontoon style) boats are equipped with 85hp motors and are ideal for the shallow waters and submerged sandbanks often encountered on this section of the Lower Zambezi.
Apart from the all-important cooler boxes with all their refreshments and packed lunches, life jackets, paddles, UHF radios and basic first aid kits are all standard equipment on the boats.
Each boat is driven by a fully licensed boat captain whose knowledge of the Zambezi River and its' flora and fauna will lead you to the best fishing spots and game viewing areas.
TackleTafika Zambezi provide quality fishing equipment on the boats; including Shimano rods, reels and tackle.
Catch_ReleaseTafika Zambezi do encourage catch & release.
SpeciesTigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus), Bream (Oreochromis mossambicus)(Tilapia rendalli), Bottlenose (Mormyris longirostris), Barbel (Clarius gariepinus), Vundu (Heterobranchus lingifilis), Chessa (Distochodus schenga), Nkupe (Distichodus mossambicus), Yellow Labeo (labeobarbus aeneus), Squeakers (Synodontis zembezensis), Butter barbel (Schilbe yangambianus), Electric catfish (Malapterurus electricus), Eels (Anguillabengalensis labiata), Robbie (Seranochromis robustus robustus), Cornish Jack (Mormyrops anguilloides)
  • Clothing3 pairs of trousers or shorts
  • 3 shirts
  • Warm jacket or sweater
  • Warm clothes for cooler evenings
  • 4 sets of underwear
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 or 2 pairs comfortable non slip shoes/sneakers/sandals
  • Sun hat/s or cap/s
  • Good quality pocket size binoculars
  • Reliable torch / batteries
  • Good quality camera and plenty of film / memory sticks.
  • Universal adapter for video equipment High factor sunscreen
VisaVisas can generally be obtained on arrival in Zimbabwe at a cost of U$30 per person. However, some nationalities are required to apply for and obtain visas prior to traveling. Please check with your travel agent prior to departure.
MosquitoChifuti Safaris subscribe to ACE and are linked to their HF radio network, thus enabling a Medical team to respond to any life-threatening situations at short notice. Medical Insurance is available at US$20 per person per day with the ACE scheme. This will cover the ambulance and air rescue costs to the nearest suitable medical facility. All hospital and related medical costs are to be covered by the client's own medical insurance.
It is recommended that anti-malarial tablets be taken before, during and after your stay. Please consult your doctor in this regard. Although TAFIKA ZAMBEZI and all our boats carry first aid kits, it is advisable to carry your own supply of prescribed medication and first aid supplies. Please ensure that your polio, typhoid and tetanus vaccinations are up to date. departure.
EleIn addition to some of the finest sport fishing in Zimbabwe, we also offer game viewing cruises on the Zambezi. Tafika Zambezi offers opportunities for spectacular birding with over 300 species being recorded, game viewing and photography. Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park is just across the river, placing Tafika Zambezi squarely in one of the least populated and most game rich parts of the Zambezi Valley.
Aquatic species like hippo and crocodile may be viewed almost constantly while fishing or relaxing in camp. Herds of elephant and Cape buffalo, along with waterbuck, kudu, bushbuck, and more will frequently be seen slipping down to the shoreline to get a drink. At night Tafika Zambezi is frequently serenaded by the roaring of lions, the sawing cough of hunting leopards, and the wonderful cacophony of hyenas, these sounds drift from both across the water from Zambia and from the virgin thorn bush surrounding the camp.